AI and Big Data: How does artificial intelligence help streamline data analysis?

AI and Big Data: How does artificial intelligence help streamline data analysis?

The famous phrase “Data is the new oil” has been gaining traction in the corporate world. This can be easily proven by the efforts of companies to bet on AI and Big Data to analyze information in a more practical, agile and intelligent way.

As the available data is evaluated quickly and accurately, the greater the possibilities for a company to adopt best practices to improve processes and initiatives with a focus on improving the consumer journey, a crucial aspect to expand sales and profitability in the short term .

In this article, we’ll break down how artificial intelligence can be used to consistently improve data analysis. Check out!

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data: How are they related?

To better understand the relationship between AI and Big Data, it is very important to have a knowledge about these two terms. After all, it is a valuable requirement to differentiate them in order to understand how they can be used in favor of your business.

Big Data is a resource capable of gathering a large amount of digital information on the network. In addition, it makes it possible to create models that can evaluate and anticipate the posture and dynamics of interactions with a high level of complexity. In general, Big Data works with Internet users’ browsing routine and with other information entered by citizens on the web.

Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, involves the ability of software or equipment to carry out commands automatically, based on learning. It allows the information collected by software and machines to be used to streamline processes and minimize errors, which are common in repetitive tasks performed by human beings.

For a piece of equipment to perform automatic actions flawlessly, there needs to be a focus on the relationship between AI and Big Data. The reason is that machine learning, also known as machine learning, uses code to sift through massive amounts of data to identify patterns.

In this way, a machine is able to assimilate the procedures to perform a certain function. And that allows her to perform actions much more quickly and efficiently than an individual performing the same activity manually.


Based on everything we’ve covered so far, it’s possible to see that the more data Big Data collects, the greater the chances of artificial intelligence contributing to the execution of various activities being carried out in an exemplary way.

A case in which the AI ​​and Big Data relationship can generate excellent results involves video traffic monitoring to identify offending drivers. Based on the collection of information on misconduct, a system helps to show situations in which drivers, for example, run a red light.

If this action was done by humans, there could be errors that could even punish drivers unfairly. Therefore, advanced technological resources are increasingly relevant to perform tasks with a high demand for attention, even with the absence of human intervention.

3 benefits of AI applied to Big Data

With the aim of showing how AI and Big Data can work together in an exemplary way, we are going to show significant advantages of these two resources being used in the day-to-day of organizations. Follow us!

Detect standard deviations

The public security segment faces many difficulties in tracking crime using only human resources. After all, it is very costly and risky to put staff on the streets all the time to monitor and curb different types of crime.

With a system capable of identifying behavioral deviations through artificial intelligence, it becomes more practical and efficient to monitor crimes and call public safety professionals to quickly arrest criminals.

The use of technology to improve public services is an increasingly strong and evident trend. And this can be verified in all spheres, that is, in the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches.

Assess likelihood of results in the future

What are the chances of a new product achieving remarkable sales performance in the next three months?

It is a question that requires above average analysis capacity from a human being. It is worth mentioning that the possibility of an error in the billing estimate for a product is quite plausible.

To check more assertively whether or not it is worth investing in an innovative product, companies are betting on AI and Big Data. Thus, they collect and analyze valuable information about consumers’ attitudes, which greatly contributes to making the best decision possible.

Recognize patterns

A digital marketing campaign is not only based on creative content with a high focus on persuasion. As much as an ad is smart, it is necessary to verify if it was really able to engage the target audience.

From a system with artificial intelligence, it is easier to have relevant statistical data, such as the time when the ad had the most views and engagement. In addition, it allows you to check the region where the content reached the audience in the most impactful way.

All the information collected and evaluated makes it possible to verify whether the digital marketing strategy is on the right track, in addition to providing better conditions for identifying what can be improved.

Is artificial intelligence part of the future of Big Data?

It is increasingly clear that the duo AI and Big Data have a great affinity. One of the reasons is that the ability to collect data of various types enables good results when mechanisms are adopted together that facilitate the interpretation of information and use it according to the company’s objectives.

Currently, it makes no sense to invest alone in Big Data and not consider the role of artificial intelligence in strategically using the information collected and analyzed. For this reason, it is essential to have a cutting-edge consultancy, such as iBlue, to use these two technologies and take advantage of the potential of digital transformation.

If you want to invest masterfully in technological advancement, don’t waste time and get in touch with us right now! Differentiated support is crucial to overcome challenges!

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