Access the phases to implement Data Analytics in your company’s routine.

Access the phases to implement Data Analytics in your company’s routine.

We are going through the age of data. The amount of information that is generated in the blink of an eye is stunning. However, what really matters are the relevant insights that companies can draw from all this information. For this to be possible, it is necessary to understand how data analysis works and how it can impact the corporate environment.

Implementing Data Analytics is a step towards the future. Through it, it is possible to understand consumer behavior, identify market trends and predict possible management failures. Understand how throughout the text.

What can Data Analytics do for your business?

Some of the biggest problems that companies can face today, without a doubt, is the waste of data, the lack of information and the consequent financial loss. However, implementing data analytics securely results in smarter business decisions, improved operational tasks and increased profitability.

One of the main advantages is to use the inputs generated by the data to achieve success in strategic actions. In this way, knowledge about customers can increase considerably, increasing the chances of launching more assertive products and services.

Some of the possible actions include visualizing the buying behavior of your customers, understanding the best order closing times, average ticket, and seasonal variations, in addition to other extremely relevant data for publicizing a product or service.

A company that already has data analytics implemented, ensures the prediction of trends and opportunities, still acts with agility and efficiency in operations through data analysis techniques. So why not start right now?

Get results with us

iBlue has extensive experience in the market, helping companies from various segments to understand, create and implement high-value ideas from the data. For this, we follow the best solutions of today, in addition to being always attentive to identify new opportunities.

Some benefits of the partnership can:

• Help capture and retain customers;

• Develop more targeted products;

• Optimize product pricing;

• Manage risks. Between others.

In addition, we have a multidisciplinary team prepared to expand your results. There are more than 100 collaborators in position of architects, software engineers, UX designers and squad leaders to deliver a project according to your needs.

Discover the phases of Data Analytics and start the implementation

There are some phases that are specific to Data Analytics and that cannot be ignored by corporations to obtain positive results throughout their implementation. By following them, the guarantee of success ends up being increased, as well as the reduction of losses.

Data collection from different sources

Before implementing Data Analytics, it is important that the variety, as well as the volume of internal data, is properly understood. You’ll also need to know on what bases they are available and in which systems they will need to be stored. Thus, by organizing this information, its use will be simpler and clearer.

All data regarding the market and its external bases need to be considered. This will ensure that all the wealth of information is used to the fullest, considering all the regulatory standards that protect it.

Integration and organization

In this phase, it will be necessary that the types of data are properly integrated so that they enable future analyses, based on the crossing of the most varied sources available. The criteria established for safety and permission related to its use also need to be well outlined.

Creating solutions that support decisions

In this implementation phase, which involves creating solutions that support decisions, it is necessary to validate, clean, enrich and consolidate the captured data. It is through this step that data that are not complete will need to be treated, as well as errors and inconsistencies are completely discarded.

Monitor of the results presented by the company

Finally, there is the phase of monitoring the results. The solutions found must be observed frequently, to ensure greater adherence and results that bring some positive return to the company. Among the main tools that will be used are:

• Reports’ softwares; 

• Dashboards;

• Analysis of statistics of technical and financial indicators.

Implement Analytics with Us

Do you want to implement Data Analytics to enjoy all the benefits mentioned in this article? We consider a solid digital strategy alongside experience and technology to deliver the best results! Contact an iBlue specialist.

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